Tenant information is a very important part of the letter of the tenancy agreement to ensure that you have a background check-in from your tenant. Thank you for providing a complete and compact model rental letter. It`s an interesting investment for me. I would just like to propose improvements to the version of the letter of agreement that can be obtained. If a landlord can choose between a contract letter in English or Malay language, it becomes easier for the owner to choose the corresponding version of the contract letter with the potential tenant. Then it is less suitable if used in Malaysia and you only want to rent your house to the local people. In addition, many people do not understand English. Thanks for sharing. It`s cheap food. I used it for the purpose of my mother`s house.

I just helped and simplified with the help of an example rental letter from this site. Thank you If you want to rent your fully furnished rental home, we advise you to make a written recording on every piece of furniture and all the equipment in the building. A simple and professional design on the front page of the agreement is also important to convey the impression of a landlord who takes the tenant`s well-being seriously and thus creates the tenant`s confidence in you. Click here to download an example of Lamudi`s rental agreement: How do I remove the rentals that have been created? means if the tenant left the house before the correct rental period? Assalamuaalaikum woman, I still do not receive any e-mail from you so I can go up and down the lease letter. Can you help me? Thank you The importance of you as a host for accepting a letter of rental from your future tenant. This provides maximum protection for you and your rental home. Thanks for sharing this rental lease house. Simple, compact and easy to understand One of the things homeowners don`t like is when they look at the condition of their rental home after the end of their rental period. Important contents of the lease letter include the fact that the hem of renting a home abroad is not the same and is not encouraged to be used in Malaysia under Article 4 fortnight.