„Test Period:” You get a free subscription in which you can purchase managed push notifications to improve communication with your customers (4 push notifications per calendar month are included in the free subscription and other notifications must be purchased). 9.1 Exemption by Ping Identity. Subject to the terms of the Agreement, Ping Identity will defend at its own expense all actions brought by a third party against the Customer who claim that, in any case, the Products, as supplied, infringe the US, UK or European patents granted at the time of their entry into force, or in any event abuse copyright or trade secrets. of a third party, and Ping Identity will exempt and maintain the customer from the costs and damages that have been definitively awarded to the customer in such action, specifically due to such right or costs and damages agreed in a financial agreement on such action. The above obligations are related to the customer`s compliance with the compensation conditions (defined below). where the Products are the subject of an infringement action or are likely to be the subject of an infringement action under Ping Identity, Ping Identity may, at its option and at its own expense, give the Customer the right to continue using the Products; (ii) replace or modify the Products in such a way that they are not prejudicial to the law; or iii) terminate the subscription to the products contrary to law and refund to the customer the unused fees paid in advance for the infringing products for the remainder of the subscription term after the date of termination.