8.5. This Agreement is governed by the laws of Australia and by parties who submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Australian courts for the settlement of disputes under this Agreement and will be read and interpreted in accordance with those provisions. An artist`s license agreement is an agreement by which an artist authorizes a client to use his or her artwork by allowing him to acquire a license for advertising purposes in order to strengthen a product or service. Fixed by the artist, the terms of the licensing agreement are clear, so that the conditions, such as the „licensee” is able to use the artwork and compensation of the artist for its use. 4.2. They maintain artSHINE unscathed and compensate ArtSHINE at all times and are exempt at any time from all acts, proceedings, costs, claims and damages suffered by ArtSHINE or granted against ArtSHINE, and damages agreed by ArtSHINE as a result of a violation or violation of any of the guarantees and obligations of this Agreement. Original All downloaded designs must be exclusive to ArtSHINE Licensing Not stock type use – use your own original artwork when creating artworks Don`t download drawings that were allowed before ArtSHINE Once a design has been downloaded, no re – License No use of copyrighted images No illegal, pornographic or prohibited object Premium design should not be re-sponsored or shared (Pinterest Facebook, etc. Does this help you understand what these terms mean in your art license agreement? Are there other „stupid” questions you want to answer about licensing agreements? Let us know in the comments below. 8.3. If a provision or partial provision of this Agreement is or should become inoperative, illegal or unenforceable, it will be considered amended to the extent necessary for its validity, legality and applicability. If such an amendment is not possible, the corresponding provision or partial provision is deemed removed. Any modification or removal of a partial provision or provision under this clause does not affect the validity and applicability of the rest of this Defined Agreement: a one-time payment made at the time the contract was signed.