(ii) If the order is placed after the competition, ensure that the use of the basic order agreement is not detrimental to other bidders; and (1) Before a contract is awarded under a basic order agreement, the contractor must enter Code A of „consolidated requirements” if the requirements of the definition of „consolidation” or „consolidated requirement” of FAR 2.101 are compliant, but no written findings have been made, 1) that the estimated value of the requirements was less than US$2 million or less than US$2 million or less than US$2 million , that the requirements are grouped together and that a written provision is required for the grouping. Enter Code B` Consolidated Requirements with a written declaration` if the requirements meet far 2.101`s definition of „consolidation” or „consolidated requirements” and if a written provision is established in accordance with FAR 7.107-2. Enter Code C, „Consolidated Requirements according to FAR 7.107-1 (b) exception,” if the requirements meet FAR 2.101`s definition of „consolidation” or „consolidated requirement” but do not require a written waiver in accordance with FAR 7.107-1 (b). Enter code D, „Unconsolidated,” if the requirements do not meet the definition of „consolidation” or „consolidated requirement” of FAR 2.101. (iii) List one or more government activities authorized to contract under the agreement; (iii) to sign or obtain the current justifications and authorizations, as well as all findings and findings, and to meet other requirements covered in point 1.602-1 (b), as if the contract were a contract entered into independently of a basic order agreement. d) orders. A contract agent representing all government activities listed in a basic order agreement may contract for necessary supplies or services under this agreement. This agreement can be used to expedite the conclusion of the contract for dangerous deliveries or services when certain items, quantities and prices are not known at the time of the contract`s implementation, but a considerable number of requirements should be acquired by the contractor. Choose essentially aggregated requirements if the requirements meet Bundling`s definition of FAR 2.101 and have an estimated value of FAR 7.107-4 Substantial Bundling.