In 2016, Florida Governor Rick Scott vetoed a support bill that would have required equal sharing of time for child custody. Scott pleaded for the best interests of the child to take precedence over those of his or her parents. It is important to realize that prenups are the same for same-sex couples who marry legally. However, national partnerships have slightly different laws. Instead of getting a prenup, you need a national partnership agreement. Laws may vary from state to state. In some states, you may know them as colocation agreements. Of course, there are ways to avoid divorce, and some are more inclined to last it than others. But depending on where you live in the countryside, stopping a wedding can be quick, cheap and easy or long, expensive and complicated. Here are the best and worst conditions for divorce.

The State recognizes insurmountable differences and incurable follies as the legal basis for separation. California is one of the few states to share ownership on a community basis, meaning both spouses receive an equal share of net assets. Matrimonial law and divorce are complex subjects. While a prenup agreement should make the marriage and divorce process easier, it sometimes contributes to confusion. Find out how marriage contracts vary in different situations. Before you get a prenup, you`ll know what you need to know about prenup laws. A marriage contract is a specific contract for couples who wish to marry, while a concubine contract applies to couples (heterosexual or of the same sex) who intend to live together.