The brood of middle English, derived from broad crude nov 1 medium English brood, originating from ancient English; Like the ancient German wide, let me illustrate this broad statement in reference to the theme of fears. They reached a large apartment, and the stallion won with terrible perseverance. „Danger can give way,” he says, shrugging his shoulders. Wide, wide, deep with a horizontal expanse. width and width on a measured surface or side-to-side view. A wide wide avenue is more common when measuring units are mentioned eight-foot wide carpets or applied to unfilled space between borders. a wide wide door is preferable if the full horizontal extent is taken into account. Deep broad shoulders may indicate the horizontal extent away from the observer or a forward or peripheral point. a deep forest bottom Found its warehouse and a white gum marked with a wide arrow, but no water. In the centre is a green meadow on which rests a wide belt of sun. The charm of the place is not so much in the details as in the wide effects. As we approach this new era, we will already be able to see the broad outlines of it.

Among them was one for Mr. Raymount, with a wide black border. Burke`s wide jowls trembled at the force with which he cut his cheeks. In the wide paths of the ocean, such an opportunity is doubtful. ..