August 2016: We are aware that the license has expired and are working to update it. Look at this area for updates. The University of Freiburg is able to obtain a campus license from ChemDraw Professional 19. The license is valid until February 6, 2021. Notebook Signals Individual Edition and ChemDraw Cloud (ChemDraw JS) are included in our ChemOffice Professional Campus site license. To use these services, please read the instructions below. There are two registration systems and accounts that are related to our website license. Use FireFox or Internet Explorer. After installing the software on a PC, users do not need to be connected to the network in order to use it. The software is also loaded onto cluster computers in libraries, dormitories and computer clusters.

The current licensing agreement expires on December 30, 2021. After you sign up, you`ll find ChemDraw 19 by clicking on „Software – Services – Home.” You can download version 19 here. When you start installing, you will be asked for an email and an activation code. For e-mails, please use the email address you used for registration. You`ll find the activation code on the site after you log in under „Software – Services – Order History.” Here you have to click on the right order. You must accept the license agreement. Roll until the end of the chord, then you can click the Accept button. Then the program can be installed.

Please note that only ChemDraw will be installed on Mac OS, while windows OS will allow for more software such as Chem3D or ChemFinder. PerkinElmer Signals Notebook Individual Edition, an electronic lab laptop (ELN) that is a cloud-based application, is included in our campus-wide location license for ChemOffice Professional. This means that Stanford students, teachers and staff are able to use the portable signal computer at no cost. For more information on the choice and use of the ELN, visit the page below. September 2016: The license is available for download. All PerkinElmer software and related documentation on this site are commercial computer software and commercial computer software documentation. Each end-user of the U.S. government only obtains the rights expressly provided by the current licensing agreement, in accordance with FAR 12.212 and/or DFARS 227.7202-3 (a), if applicable. Unless otherwise written agreement, end-users of the government receive technical data only to the extent that this data is generally made available to commercial non-governmental end-users, and the rights of the U.S. government to the technical data provided under the current licensing agreement must not exceed the technical data rights described in the 52.227-14 (Rights in Data-General) and/or DFARS 52.227-7015 (technical data rights – commercial elements).