One customer said her Currys freezer was defective and she couldn`t get away with it. One Twitter user said she had spent more than 3 hours talking to customer service to someone. Another customer, Jon Taverner, 66, said he ordered a dishwasher online, and after looking carefully at the conditions, he paid for what he believed to be the old device to remove and install the new one. She called the customer service line to give the right item numbers because she didn`t want the cancellation ordered. This customer said they had „very bad service” from Currys PC World Other customers took social media and Trustpilot to ease their frustration. „We work hard to get back to each customer and solve any problems they may have; we apologise for any inconvenience caused. Are you a Currys PC World customer who found it difficult to get through customer service? Currys PC World has also removed the ability for customers to send an email in their problems, meaning they must either wait for an online chat service agent to be available, or wait, sometimes for hours, on the customer service line until they pass. Another customer said they had long tried to access customer service Furious customers revealed their frustration with the company after having to wait up to five hours on the phone to get to its customer service center. While receiving the television she ordered, she received an email saying that her cancellation request would be processed for all other items when she did not want them. She tried several times to reach the helpline, but said she had never been able to pass. „Part of this work was getting co-workers to work in customer service at home, and unfortunately it had an impact on service levels. Thanks to the hard work of the teams and the recycling of some of our fellow retailers to support customer service at home, we are responding to an increasing number of customers every day. Jon, from Greater Manchester, never heard of Currys again and felt he had to contact them to make sure the cancellation had been officially recorded and that their refund of 429 $US was on the way.

A number of people are struggling to get refunds for defective products or cancel expected deliveries, many were not talking at all to anyone on the corporate customer service team. A spokesperson for Currys PC World said: „There is no greater concern for us than the safety of customers and colleagues, which is why we have taken steps to protect them while responding to strong customer demand for essential products and services. Our TravelMoneyMax tool compares offices to the maximum approach to your vacation money. He said: „I understand that there will be no problem as long as social dismantling is maintained. This person left a 1 star review – but said they wished they could give – stars at Currys PC World however, he wasn`t able to do so because the cat agent always seemed engaged and every time he called he waited more than an hour to switch to someone. We were told in the store that we could cancel at any time by cancelling the collection. This seems to have been a lie, as the payments are made directly via our debit card. I can`t find any information about cancelling the care package now. Currys PC World is currently busy, the British are flooding their online shop. Recently, the company recorded a 166 per cent increase in sales in the five weeks to April 25 compared to the previous year.

If it is 30 days after the purchase, the distributor can offer repair or replacement. If none of these options are possible or if the merchant chooses to do so, a refund may be granted.