As a customer of INTRUST Bank, N.A. you may have received an INTRUST ATM, INTRUST Visa® Debit Card or INTRUST HSA Visa Debit Card (all called „Card”). You can use other electronic banking services that we offer that require a code or other access options to initiate an electronic transfer. Cards, codes and other means of accessing the introduction of an electronic transfer are all called „access devices” and are subject to the Electronic Money Transfer Act. Personal identification number (PIN) or personal security code (PSC) or password or login identification or other security features, as specified by the Bank for secure access and account identification number, are all included in any reference to „access device” in this disclosure. The following information, some of which may not apply to your particular situation, must be provided. For agreements via Online Bill Pay, Automated Telephone Transfer, Online Banking and Mobile Banking, External Transfer, Personal Financial Manager Bill Pay or People Pay, including disclosure of electronic transfers, please visit, the INTRUST location near you, or call the INTRUST Customer Solutions Center at 316-383-1234 or 800-895-2265. The bank may refuse electronic verification based on the quality of the images. You will receive a notification notification with the notification of the notification, with the notification that you are taking the image back and forth of the cheque and that you are reviewing it electronically. This is the only time you can resume images after the repository has been sent electronically by mobile repository. Do you have any questions about time deposit accounts? Contact our customer service at the number below. Time deposit accounts qualify for the maximum deposit coverage authorized by the FDIC.

Just sit back in the security and stability of investing your hard-earned dollars and watch them grow with guaranteed returns. External transmissions are processed after 18:00 p.m. Central time on schedule. At that time, sufficient resources (including credits available under an overdraft protection plan, which may be linked to the deposit account) must be available. Any external transfer entered after 18:00.m. The central time one business day is processed the next business day. When you transfer money to your internal account, the credit will be credited to your account and made available within four (4) business days (new accounts eight (8) working days). The bank may, at its sole discretion, impose transfer restrictions.

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