The appendix is a complete list and cannot be interpreted. If a profession is not on the list, it is generally not a profession within the meaning of Appendix 1603.D.1. However, public servants should authorize other professional titles in cases where the tasks are interchangeable. This can be confirmed by reference to the National Occupation Classification (NOC). When processing applicants who request temporary entry in accordance with the post-sale provision of Appendix 1603.A.1, copies of the original contract for sale, warranty or service and renewals of such agreements are required. If your profession is on the list and you have found a potential employer in Canada, applicants must obtain the necessary documents to convince an immigration official that you: USMCA Chapter 16 entitled „Temporary Entry for Business Persons” provides the mechanisms to allow certain categories of temporary workers to access markets on the other side. The reciprocal trade agreement allows authorized workers to continue working temporarily in Canada. Do you need help preparing an application for permanent residence in Canada? If so, check out our Book page at Immigration Consultant listing Moving2Canada`s recommended accredited representatives who can help you with your goals. The UsMCA Professionals category is a popular category for legitimate U.S. citizens and Mexican citizens with the training and experience to work in Canada. The list of eligible occupations includes a wide range of occupations. The text of the actual agreement appears in Part V, Chapter 16. See below the list of occupations considered to be professional under NAFTA: the list of NAFTA categories is divided into three areas: general professionals, medical professionals and academics.

Visitors can use the „Control -F” search function to browse this page in search of a specific occupation. This list of approved occupations and qualifications for candidates is listed in NAFTA`s ANNEXE 1603 and is listed on 8 CFR 214.6 (c). Please see only the latest edition of NAFTA as amended or 8 CFR 214.6 (c). This section may be revised in the future. Please also note that the required diploma or qualification is absolutely necessary to obtain the authorization. Recipients who do not have the specified qualifications should not replace equivalent qualifications. However, the H-1B category allows recipients to qualify for training, training and experience corresponding to a bachelor`s degree. Therefore, individuals who are not eligible for a TN visa but who have extensive work experience and training may be eligible to obtain the H-1B visa. (For more information, see H-1B visa).

Chapter 16 facilitates the temporary entry of citizens of the United States, Mexico and Canada whose activities are related to trade in goods or services or investments. NAFTA is a reciprocal agreement and Canadians will receive similar treatment when they enter the United States or Mexico. Chapter 16 is not a substitute, but complements our existing general provisions. A U.S. or Mexican business person wishing to enter Canada may be considered in accordance with NAFTA and general provisions applicable to all foreign workers. A waiting period of 999 calendar days indicates that the consular section only provides this service in an emergency. More information is available on the embassy or consulate website. Appendix 1603.D.1, a list of more than 60 occupations, is the mechanism by which selected professionals can enter Canada to provide their services. Since NAFTA is a facilitation agreement, the applicant should be given every opportunity to prove that the criteria for the admission of business travellers are met and to provide missing documents by other means, for example. B for example by fax. Leases must be the first cross-border transaction that must result in a sale.