The general rule in cases of assault and medical negligence is that the loser pays the winner`s legal fees. Our fees are therefore paid by the defendant. Depending on your circumstances and the agreement we make with you at the beginning of your case, there may be a small deduction for our success costs and for each insurance policy we sign up on your behalf. These will represent only a very small part of the compensation. Most „No Win No Fee” agreements do not deal with payments. This means that if the law firm is paying a fee on your behalf and your right to compensation is ultimately inconclusive, you may still be required to pay the costs of preparing your claim. There is no profit, no royalty agreements, otherwise known as „conditional pricing agreements,” open to anyone who wants to assert a right. The CFA contained other standard conditions that the agreement was a binding legal agreement and that before Mr. Hughes signed it, he must read everything carefully and in conjunction with various Law Society schedules and conditions. It dealt with what would happen if the CFA were to end before the closing of the claim for damages: not all lawyers receive the same success tax or insurance premium. Some lawyers put a clause in their agreement that allows them to cover other expenses and expenses they have spent on you damages, but not all lawyers do.

Not all „No win no fee” chords are equal! It is very important to discuss their terms with your future lawyer so that you understand what this will mean to you in your claim. Also, some lawyers are better at getting bigger damages for you than others. This may mean that they receive more money than their success fees, calculated as a percentage of your earnings. It also means that the compensation you receive will be generally greater than what might otherwise be the case. In most claims, if we think your case is strong enough, we immediately offer you a conditional pricing agreement. Under THE CFA rules, if you earn your right, your lawyer also has the right to collect an additional fee for their fees, known as „success fees.” This is deducted from certain parts of the compensation or „damage” you will receive from your opponent for your injuries. There is a limit to what can be inferred. In addition, the portion of the insurance premium that is not paid by the losing party will also be deducted from your compensation. If you contract a CFA with your lawyer, with or without insurance, the exact terms of the agreement are clearly defined in the document you sign to conclude the contract.