If former spouses with children do not agree during family mediation, they can apply to the court, but before doing so, they are legally required to attend a meeting on post-separation education. If a couple with children separates, the parents must decide on the child care plan. Custody can be taken care of by a parent or shared with each other. Parents can call on a family mediator to reach an amicable settlement on child care. If they are unable to reach an agreement, they can have their legal representatives tried. The judge will then determine the custody regime as well as the right of access and exit if sole custody is entrusted to only one of the parents. This guide contains information on separation, divorce, family mediation, child custody and support allowances. Therefore, if the spouses are already living apart, the abandoned spouse may invoke this fact to obtain a separation after dissolution of the body. Spouses must not be legally separated before divorce: they can file for divorce without first having a separation. Some examples of clauses that can be included in a common law agreement are: these information sessions are offered in courthouses by accredited and free family mediators.

Their goal is to prepare parents to deal with the consequences of their separation and to clarify the details of their separation, either through family mediation or through an application to the court. Unlike divorce, a separation without dissolution of marriage does not sever the bonds of marriage. Spouses must always respect, fidelity, assistance and assistance and may remain bound by certain additional clauses of their marriage contract. If you and your spouse were separated on December 31 due to the breakdown of your relationship and your separation lasted less than 90 days, you are considered a spouse on December 31. Some of the paperwork related to separation or divorce requires proof of birth, marriage or marital status from you. Only a certificate or a copy of an act – official documents issued by the Director of the Civil Registry – are accepted as proof of birth or marriage or civil union between two persons. The official name of the separation is „separation of the bed and the board.” A common law agreement may have as many or as few terms as you choose, it is tailored to your needs and can be designed or modified at any time during the relationship. However, the development of a collective agreement is not simple and should reflect the true wishes of couples. For this reason, it is always recommended to consult a lawyer or notary before signing one. Persons who are married or who have joined a civil union are subject to the rules of their civil or conjugal trade union regime. These rules define how the property outside the family patrimony should be partitioned in the event of separation.