Before signing a contract, make sure that all parties (including yourself) are clear with the applicable rules, conditions and conditions of the Singapore rental market as well as the clauses stipulated in the agreement. For a more detailed presentation of the lease, check out our guide. You are responsible for the fact that the operation of your subtenant does not cause harassment or complaint or violate our terms and conditions in the tenancy agreement. So if you need to sublet, always check your lease first! As with everyone in Singapore, it is never a good thing to break the law. Please don`t try to do something illegally in Singapore! There have been many cases of landlords who thought they had rented to one person just to find out later that the tenant was illegally divided into small units to continue subleting it to earn more money. For example, in 2009, a landlord rented his duplex to a tenant who illegally set up partitions and sublet the apartment to 11 other people. The best part is that the main tenant didn`t even live there! Or the tenant can use Airbnb (which is currently illegal in Singapore) to rent the unit for a few weeks while they are on vacation (although there have been proposals for new regulations for Airbnb). If you have received our permission to rent your shop and you want to change your subtenant, you can submit a notification regarding the change of the tenant`s information if: Hello, I have some doubts. I rented my boss daughter, who owns the whole type apartment. So every month I will be renting the tenants of the 2 rooms I rented and every month I transfer the rent to the landlord. But I don`t have a paper document with the coz owner it`s just a mutual agreement. I have a few questions: it is far from saying that most standard rentals in Singapore do not allow subletting of tenants. It`s also something that most homeowners don`t want to have to fight, how everything should go wrong, it can be very annoying to deal with.

An example of a subletting clause in the contract would be, for example,: be determined to highlight the seriousness of the problem in conducting negotiations with the original tenant. This includes highlighting the legal consequences when tenants deliberately refuse to leave the country, as well as any acts you wish to perform as a landlord (for example. B ask for unpaid rent).