Below is the attempt to opt for a necessary appropriate layout in this section or in another part of the legal document. But it`s not a series of practical rules of „How do you make your deal perfect?” Nor is it my ambition to pretend that there is a reference suitable for everyone. Instead, the article focuses on 10 sections of templates, including clauses with the diversity of options chosen accordingly [italically], which can be widely spread in the compliance composition. Your final choice of the alternatives mentioned below obviously depends on each individual case. Amendments and additions to this Agreement shall be made by appropriate Annexes/Modifications/Modifications/Modifications/Modifications/Additions, which form an integral part of this Agreement and which have the same force/are binding/relevant with it, or by supplementary agreements; Obviously irreplaceable in the practice of translation Oxford Collocations Dictionary for Students of English, the following extension offers us as it should: conclude / accept / execute / sign / reach / come / negotiate / work towards an agreement” (p.17 „Agreement”). References to a law shall be construed as references to such a law, as amended or amended by another law (before or after the date of this Agreement) and include all provisions of which they are replicas (with or without amendment) and include subordinate laws adopted in accordance with the relevant/appropriate/appropriate/regular/regular law; While it is not always easy to choose the right option to interpret and/or translate terms, clauses and definitions in legal practice, I firmly believe that the following analysis of the composition of the standard contract will be very useful and important in terms of reference and advice. In everyday practice, lawyers usually get involved in the dilemma of the diversity of translation possibilities at first glance. Therefore, the question „What is the norm and who asks it?” is more than justified. (e) The agreement shall be drawn up in four copies in the Ukrainian language, kept by each of the parties. all copies are equally important; or (b) this agreement was signed in English and Ukrainian.B. In case of dispute, the Ukrainian version takes precedence.

This agreement was concluded in two equivalent equivalents of each language version. Party 1 each holds consideration and Part 2 holds the other; or (b) this Agreement is entered into, for example. B on January 12, 2005, by and between Part 1 and Part 2; or (a) this Agreement shall be executed in two copies, each for each Party. Each copy of the agreement is written in English and Ukrainian and is identical in its meaning. For the interpretation of this Agreement, z.B. the Ukrainian text as a priority; or f) This agreement was drawn up in English and Ukrainian and was executed in 2 (two) copies of the same legal force and authenticity. In the event of a discrepancy between the Ukrainian and English wording of this agreement, preference will be given to the English text. The parties may, for example.

B terminate this Agreement only by mutual agreement or in accordance with any provision of this section_ ____ before the expiry of the specified term of this Agreement; Any changes or additions to this Agreement may be made by the Parties, for example. B in a manner consistent with the requirements for the signature of this Agreement or supplements; To the widest extent possible, full/complete permitted by law, Party1 z.B. . . .