You can register to receive account statements and/or electronic communications at a local branch or to contact our online banking support at 866-638-0552 for help. If, at any time, you need a copy of an electronic print or paper communication, you can contact your local establishment representative. Paper copying fees may be charged in accordance with the Bank`s regulations. Our current pricing plan is available on the bank`s website at under the Rates – Rates page. You can request to receive electronic statements and communications and, instead, paper copies at any time, By contacting your local agency representative or by contacting our online banking support at 866-638-0552, Monday to Thursday, except on public holidays, in the hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Fridays, except for the federal holidays, during the period from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. If we do not make a payment or transfer on time or in the appropriate amount in accordance with our agreement with you, we will only be liable for your losses for the amount of payment or transfer that should have been made if we are unable to resolve the issue. We are not responsible for this: if you sign up for the online bill payment function of our online banking service, you understand that Union Bank removes billing transactions on the payment date you have selected. We will process payments on the business day you have indicated as payment date, if the request for payment was received before 18:00 hours .m EST. Applications received after the activity deadline or at any time of a non-professional day will be processed the following business day. We use the right to change the time of the date by providing you with thirty (30) days in advance.

When planning an invoice payment, you must allow enough time for the payment to be received and booked by the merchant. Due to circumstances beyond our control, some merchants take longer to book payments than others. We are not responsible for financing fees or penalties for late payments that are due to invalid information entered by the user, for example.B. The recipient`s address or the recipient`s user account number. If you have a planned payment, you allow us to transfer payments on your behalf, which are debited from your account when the payment is received and deposited by the merchant and your account is cancelled. You confirm that your payment account is an account from which it is authorized to make payments and any payment you make is debited from that account. This agreement applies to any person or entity that is able to establish an online bank account or use or authorize an online bank identification number and online bank password or any other access option that we set up or approve. The term „Online Banking” refers to our service, which allows you to make payments, transfer funds, obtain accounts, obtain information and make other transactions over the Internet using a personal computer and modem and/or other means that we authorize or authorize.