It may happen that photos and other images of wearable technologies are posted on social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram or others. You may not disclose PHI on social media, whether it is a UW Medicine website or a personal website, without the patient`s permission. The confidentiality of patient information must be preserved. The Access and Use Agreement provides clear, concise and consistent information on individuals` access and the right to use UW information systems and institutional information. It states that individuals are responsible for protecting the privacy and security of all UW data they use, the information systems they have access to, regardless of how or where the data is created, managed, or stored. This agreement is used by various UW information systems. Using the non-FDP agreement on the part of data means a less predictable timeline for signing. OSP Reviews then negotiates the terms with the sharer data and can sign the agreement after the negotiation. Access to medical records at the UW: In addition to the IRB audit, studies that access Medical Records at the University of Washington (UW) must obtain a confidentiality agreement before accessing the UW Medical Records. It is PI`s responsibility to obtain the necessary agreement from the UW Human Subjects division. Note: If you have access to a medical record at UW or Seattle Children`s, your application is not qualified for Exemption Class 4. A written agreement defines the purpose and parameters of the data processing and clarifies the roles and responsibilities between the UW and a third party. If the Data Sharer has a non-FDP agreement, your auditor may need more information to implement the agreement.

Read the FDP-DUA templates to understand the nature of the information needed. The Data Security and Protection Agreement (DSPA) has been withdrawn and replaced by the Personal Data Processing Agreement (described below) for certain agreements entered into by third parties concerning personal data. If materials or intellectual property conditions appear in an agreement, it is probably not simply a CDA or DUA. Please contact OSP Contracts Manager: Jesse Kindra In certain cases, z.B. where data processing is subject to a law or regulation, written data processing agreements are required between a „controller” (a natural or legal person who makes decisions about the means and purpose of data processing) and a „processor” (a natural or legal person who processes data on behalf of a controller). .