Please read these conditions carefully, as they violate your legal rights. These conditions include your consent, with the exception of certain types of litigation described in the Governing Law, Arbitration and Class Action Waiver Section below, you accept that disputes between you and us will be resolved through binding individual arbitration and you waive your right to participate in a class-wide class action or mediation. By using the Services, you agree to meet these conditions and to be bound to them. F. Payment mode. We accept payment of all amounts specified in this agreement only on the basis of the methods we communicate to you during the accession process or, from time to time, during the duration. You are required to notify us immediately of any changes to your payment information. Changing your payment method may result in a change in the amount required by this Contract to be held as a service retainer. Space as a service agreement, or co-working agreement, are licenses, which are separate and distinct from leases. The co-working agreement offers the licensee greater flexibility and, legally, they are more like members of a gym or club. However, flexibility and maintaining control may have the unintended consequence that licensees have increased their responsibility to their customers. The counterparties together form a contract, and each of the counterparties can be provided by e-mail to the other part of this scanned document agreement or electronically signed portable documentFormat (pdf) version of the contract (if any).

Each party thus accepts the implementation of this agreement and the parties recognize that the performance thus creates a binding contract between the parties at the time of entry into force. 45.Et if some of these conditions are not applicable? These conditions, as well as our internal regulations and all the specific directives, conditions or rules that may be published or made available to you, constitute the whole agreement between us with regard to services and bring together all the proposals, agreements and communications that are concurrent. If a provision of these conditions and/or operationally specific directives, conditions or rules that are provided to you or made available to you is deemed unenforceable, this provision must be interpreted either so as to be amended to the minimum necessary to make it applicable (if the law permits), or disregard that provision (if it is not). In the event of a change or non-compliance with a provision not applicable under this paragraph, the others of these conditions and/or any operationally specific directives, conditions or rules provided to you will remain in effect in writing, and the unenforceable provision must remain in writing in circumstances other than those where the provision is deemed unenforceable.