ix) „periodic payment,” the rent paid by a consumer once a week, monthly or otherwise for the use of real estate under a rental agreement; (xii) Provision for late fees or any other type of fee or penalty for reintroducing a tenancy agreement other than a rehire tax. However, a merchant may use the term „late fee” or a similar term to refer to a rehire tax. (xi) a statement that the consumer can terminate the contract without penalty by voluntarily returning or returning the property for good repair, in appropriate use, except for any outstanding payment at the end of a rental period; (vii) „fees”: any payment, fees, fees, fees or fees, mandatory or optional, paid by a consumer in addition to periodic payments related to a rental agreement; Do not sign this agreement before reading it or if it contains spaces. You are entitled to a copy of the agreement you sign. (e) several lease-related offences may give the consumer the right to recover only once under this section. (a) For each lease, the merchant must state in the contract the following points: (d) Any item displayed or offered as part of a rental agreement must carry a day or a card clearly and strikingly indicating in Arabic numbers: Whether you are renting a house in the country or an apartment in the heart of Cheyenne, there is a good chance that you will have to at some point to refer to different landlord-tenant laws during your rent. Although the state allows many issues to be dictated by the terms of your lease, Wyoming has its own statutes that govern certain aspects of the rental process, in addition to federal and communal law. Read on to learn more about Wyoming tenants` rights. (a) In a lease agreement, a merchant may provide the consumer with the notification referred to in this section after a consumer has taken three or more business days and does not voluntarily abandon possession of the leased property. The merchant may, in accordance with this section, personally inform the consumer of the communication to the consumer or send the communication to the last known address of the consumer.