Each enterprise agreement must include a concept of flexibility with individual modalities of flexibility. Most enterprise agreements lead to better working conditions for employees than the modern price. If you use a business agreement, it applies instead of a modern premium. The rate of pay in an enterprise agreement should not be lower than the rate of pay in the corresponding modern bonus. Below you will find the three types of employment contracts that can be concluded: Fact: If you employ full-time or permanent employees, you cannot send them home without being paid simply because it is quiet. If you employ casual staff, you can send them home as long as they have completed the minimum number of hours in accordance with their bonus or agreement or are paid. Enterprise agreements are enterprise-level agreements between employers and workers and their union on terms of employment. Enterprise agreements set the conditions of employment of a group of workers on one or more jobs. You can design your own business agreement to reflect your specific business. They must also have two or more employees to establish an enterprise agreement. Good faith requirements that meet the negotiating conditions do not require a negotiator to make concessions for the agreement during negotiations or to agree on the terms to be included in the agreement. The basic salary of a worker in an enterprise agreement, applicable to the worker, must not be less than the basic salary that the worker receives under the modern bonus that covers the worker. If necessary, the Commission for Fair Work can adopt a negotiating decision on the proposed agreement.

A negotiating settlement will include measures that the Fair Work Commission must take, measures that should not be taken and other issues that the Commission deems necessary for fair work to promote fair and effective negotiations. The Fair Work Commission can then help some low-paid workers and their employers negotiate an agreement on several companies and make a decision in certain circumstances. For most employees, you will find their minimum wage rates and conditions of employment in the respective bonus or agreement. The information and instruments are available on the Commission`s website to support an agreement. Visit an agreement for more details. On the one hand, collective agreements benefit at least in principle employers, as they improve „flexibility” in areas such as normal hours, flat-rate hourly wage rates and benefit conditions.