I inquired about a resource by moving the merchant ship on the anchor symbol to trade with strangers. What about trading with other clans? Is profit reciprocal or does one partner in the trade receive more money than the other? I have never seen evidence that more commercial resources would increase the likelihood of someone agreeing to a trade agreement. The diplomatic system is very veiled here. I have seen that groups with 200-plus relationships are opposed to profitable trade for them and that groups with 5-strong relationships accept the same trade. The only unit belonging to European merchants is the Black Ship, the most powerful naval unit in the game. This ship appears on its own and sails along the west and north coast of the map. If the black ship is captured by a clan, European merchants will not make other ships unless the original ship is sunk. Attacking and/or firing at the merchant ship does not irritate traders, and cannon weapons can still be purchased. The Dutch arrived in 1600 under the guidance of an Englishman and began their first attempts at commercial interaction in 1605. In 1639, Tokugawa Iemitsu the grandsons of Tokugawa leyasu forbade foreign influence in Japan.

Western ships should be sunk and people on board decapitated. Samurai often checked citizens to see if they had passports. Those who were caught were punished with heavy penalties. Westerners were driven out of Japan. The Japanese allowed only a handful of Dutch, Korean and Chinese traders on an island off Nagasaki to act in Japan. Japan was closed from the rest of the world until March 31, 1854, when Commodore Matthew Perry, on the orders of the U.S. Navy, had to open Japan for the second time to the rest of the world. Once arrived, which appears as a gaming event, it will be possible to build nanoban ports and neighborhoods of Nanban. Although it is not possible to enter into a commercial agreement with this group, the construction of these ports allows the player to recruit matchlock Ashigaru, Matchlock Samurai and European Cannons imported. At least one commercial port in Nanban must be held by players to convert the clan religion to Christianity. On the left (on your side), the interface shows you how much you earn with the trade and resources you export to your trading partner.

The right side shows how much money they earn and what resources you import from them. I faced a clan for 10 rounds until he mourned his uncle and wanted a peace treaty. So I gave him, no wires tied up.