Assess the right to housing for the homeless or homeless. The provision of housing for those considered to be in a situation of shortage of priority housing. Temporary accommodation may be available while requests for assistance are made. General housing advice and information services for private tenants and homeless people. A-hours Emergency Phone 01926 339577. DEPOSIT: The equivalent of five weeks` rent is required as a down payment and is payable upon signing the tenancy agreement. Your deposit is registered with the government-authorized „litigation department.” This is repaid at the end of the lease, provided that the tenants` obligations are fulfilled. INVENTORIE: You must sign for this receipt, but you have 14 days from the beginning of the lease to check the stock. Any deviations should be reported in writing to our office.

If no changes are made, you are considered fully accepted. Housing allowance — commodity — Regulation 9 (a) and (a) – If subsequent conduct by parties to a tenancy agreement that does not alter the terms of what was agreed between them (and in particular the leniency of a landlord in the execution of rent arrears) may render a non-commercial commercial lease. All Council apartments are rented. The lease defines the respective rights and obligations of the Council as the landlord of the property and the tenant whose dwelling becomes the property. 28 days` notice are required by a tenant who wishes to give up his name from a joint tenancy agreement. Complete the change in the rental – Shared rent abandoned form (21kb, PDF) . Until the end of the notice period, both parties will be held jointly responsible for all accommodation costs. THE TENANCY: This is a guaranteed short-term rent for an initial fixed term of six months. All information about the profession is included in the rental agreement (copy available on request). Rent fraud means that someone who might need more housing will have no chance of getting a property. If you get caught up in fraud, you risk losing your lease and you may lose your right to social housing in the future. Contact your appropriate district or city council and report any change in circumstances: If you have any information about suspected fraudulent activity, please let us know by contacting your appropriate district or city council.

Housing allowance — marketing — Regulation 9 (1) (a) and (2) – If a lease cannot become commercial thereafter, and vice versa.